Sep 16 2014

HEALTH AND FITNESS: The key to healthy eating

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  • The American diet is frequently blamed for the poor health of Americans and, increasingly, other countries. The quest for the healthiest way to eat can literally take people around the world to find the right foods eat.

    Unfortunately, diets and supplements that include these “super foods” are rarely the answer to good health on their own. It turns out that the key getting the optimal health benefits from your diet isn’t the food itself – it’s exercise!

    Sep 15 2014

    Arcade gaming levels up with state-of-the-art card technology

    MANILA, Philippines – Premium arcade attraction Q Power Station takes gaming a notch higher with the launch of a more efficient, user-friendly tap card system from Intercard Inc., a market leader in stored value cards in the amusement industry in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Australia.

    The new Q Power Station Cards boast  the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies. These are more commonly found in smartphones, laptops, and other devices and mobile payment schemes that exchange information with a single tap or wave.

    Q Power Station was the first amusement center in the country to use a tap card system, shortly after it opened in 2001. Unlike old swipe cards that use magnetic strips similar to bank ATM cards, tap card technology causes less delays during payment and enables checking of load with just a single tap of the card. Aside from keeping the cashier windows free from long lines, this contactless technology also saves time and makes the gaming experience easier and more frequent to enjoy.

    The latest, cutting-edge card technology today also gives customers the freedom to purchase their cards in one store location, register to activate them, and use them in other Q Power Station branches.

    Redemption ticket points can now also be stored and tracked with more accuracy. After the tickets are counted, the amount automatically appears in one’s card data–no need to keep redemption ticket receipts, which can be lost or damaged. With this new system, ticket receipts will no longer be issued as well, and gamers can actually contribute to the  environment with less paper usage.

    To complement the new system, newly designed and more feature-laden Q Power Station play cards have also been introduced. The Zap Premiere Card and the Yeyo Q Card, featuring two cute and cuddly characters, are filled with more bonus load, free games, privileges, and cool features, to continue giving game enthusiasts the ultimate entertainment experience.

    Sep 15 2014

    Five Questions On: Payday loans brokers

    Yes. Whereas payday lenders will lend cash-strapped people money directly, brokers will supposedly shop around on their behalf to find the best deal. If you google payday loans or short-term credit its likely that many of the results will be credit brokers or lead generators, not actual lenders.

    Do they treat customers fairly?

    Im afraid not. So far this year more than 10,000 people have contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to complain about credit broking websites, more than double the number in the whole of 2013. In two-thirds of complaints the FOS investigated, the ombudsman agreed that the consumer had been treated unfairly.

    What do they do wrong?

    Lots of things, unfortunately. Many people who used them were tricked into it – they thought they were applying for a loan directly and didnt realise they were paying a middleman. Another common complaint is a broker taking a fee, often without permission, only for the loan never to materialise. In the worst cases the FOS has dealt with, consumers banking details were passed to other credit broking websites and their bank accounts debited multiple times without warning.

    Whats being done about them?

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is investigating the payday lending market and the investigation will include credit brokers. The FOS and Citizens Advice are both aware of the issues too.

    What shall I do if they rip me off?

    If you went to a broker and it charged you a fee but failed to find you a loan, ask for your money back. If it refuses to refund you, take your case to the Ombudsman. The FOS can investigate and order the broker to give you your money back. So far its found that in the majority of cases, brokers refunded cash as soon as the Ombudsman got involved. The Ombudsman can be contacted on 0800 023 4567 or via

    Sep 14 2014

    The Women’s Health & Fitness Expo Arrives in Houston on October 25th

    Houston, TX, September 10, 2014 –(– The Fourth annual Womens Health amp; Fitness Expo will be held in Houston Texas on Saturday, October 25th at 10am until 5pm. The event includes a variety of health and wellness sponsors, cooking demonstrations, and free medical workshops.

    The community can benefit from this event in a major way. We have a diverse group of medical professionals and wellness experts ready to provide information, product samples, tips on staying healthy, eating healthy and more.

    The health of Houstons women has made national headlines in the last five years, especially in relation to family planning and breast cancer. For example, every year 78 contractors across Texas (including Planned Parenthood) receive federal funds allocated by the state to provide basic care to women. While many women are in need of health care, not too many understand what resources are available to those who are economically challenged. This type of information, and the resources that follow, will be highlighted at this years expo.

    This event is reflective of Houstons outstanding leadership within the national medical community. Information on breast cancer, preventive medicine, eating balanced to offset disease and pain, the benefits of exercise, and more will be featured at the expo. The best part is the giveaways we are going to be offering. I feel it is the perfect incentive to get women to the event because some of the information our Exhibitors and Sponsors will share may save a life, finished Velma Trayham of ThinkZilla.

    Additionally, this year the Womens Health amp; Fitness Expo will be organized to benefit SHE. Squared, a local non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is geared towards advancing women in the areas of Social responsibility, Health and wellness, Education and Economics.

    Members of the press are encouraged to request media credentials for on-site Event Coverage or schedule an interview with the events organizers and Sponsors the day of, or in advance.

    The Womens Health amp; Fitness Expo provides fitness workshops, wellness seminars, and demonstrations, on-site discussions with doctors, health screenings, social services, interactive health exhibits, vendors, product sampling, inspiration, support and motivation to all women in attendance.

    Sep 14 2014

    Set Aside A 15-Minute Block Every Day Devoted To Self-Improvement

    Weve talked before about how you can divide your time into 15-minute blocks to get a handle on your schedule. Chances are you can spare at least one for self-improvement, so make it official.

    Picture: Eddi/Flickr

    As personal finance blog Debt and the Girl explains, almost everyone can spare 15 minutes. Its also just enough time to accomplish some kind of useful task. While the author describes it in terms of personal finance (like taking time to budget or reduce a bill), it can apply to anything. Including learning a new skill, or working on a personal project.

    So I came up with a plan, that come hell or high water, I would devote at least 15 minutes a day to practicing. You see, starting something new as a beginner…well quite frankly it sucks, especially I think as adults because we tend to gravitate towards doing things we know how to do, or that come easy to us. As kids everything is new, so I think they tend to be more patient with themselves, not to mention their brains are like little sponges.

    So, 15 minutes was something I thought I could carve out each day to practice…enough time to get a tiny bit better, but not too long where I would get frustrated and give up. The 15-minute rule was even further supported by my ukulele class instructor, who said just do something (practice a song, chord changes, strumming) for that amount of time each day, and one day you will look back and see how far youve come.

    Fifteen minutes is enough time to accomplish something meaningful without disrupting your whole day. Whether its after work or before you go to bed, setting aside a specific block of time for self-improvement tasks can give you the space you need to build better habits.

    Can You Spare 15 Minutes? [Debt and the Girl via Rockstar Finance]

    Sep 13 2014

    Cheat Sheet Q&A: Where to get secure credit scores online

    All 8 Cheat Sheet audio stories are available via iHeartRadio for free by clicking here (along with the complete archive of all stories:

    Cheat Sheet Qamp;A: Where to get secure credit scores online

    Todays entry:

    Love your am show, I have a question, maybe you can help me!
    I would like to check my credit score, where could I go online to check it? (Im concerned about safety/security, identity theft, etc). Thank you for your time, all the best….

    Bottom Line: This is an excellent question. If you search online for credit scores youll be presented with a myriad of options. You certainly should be skeptical about the security of the services and accuracy of the information provided. So lets get startedhellip;

    No true free credit scores are available from the sites like Credit Now credit is a good site with terrific information and resources for you to take advantage of for free but you wont get the actual credit scores youre looking for. Credit Karma has a partnership with Trans Union to provide an estimated score based on certain data from Trans Union called the Trans Risk score. It may provide a rough estimate of what your actual Trans Union credit score may be but thats about it. Thats true of so many of the other sites that purport to offer free credit scores without provider a credit card number. So where should you go?

    So lets first take a step back at what scores are available and how they are used by those who will evaluate them. You have two metrics that matter. You have the three consumer credit ratings agencies:

    Trans Union

    You really need to have a credit score from each one of these consumer credit agencies because if a business or entity evaluates your credit score the method thats most commonly used works like thishellip; They will drop the highest score and the lowest score, with the middle score being the one thats used. The single score thats most relevant isnt one of those numbers howeverhellip;

    If you want just one score your Fico score is the way to go. Over 90% of businesses will now use Fico, in conjunction with, or instead of the credit scores provided by the consumer credit rating agencies. So where should you go to get the information online? is the best site to obtain your fico score (and the also have their own estimator if thatll do for your purposes) and they also do bundle all credit score for you to purchase if youre so inclined

    But what is the most cost effective way to obtain the scores?

    While purchasing scores from the sites will run you about $10 for each score, if you already use an ID protection service (which I recommend) you generally can upgrade your service for a couple of dollars per month to obtain all three of your credit scores on a regular basis. Identity Guard is the service I prefer and for a mid-level plan you can get all three scores each quarter and one of them every month with the service. So if ID protection and your real credit scores are something youd like to monitor thats the way Id recommend going.

    If you have a topic or question youd like me to address email me:

    Audio Report:

    What can be learned (an important lesson) by presidential approval ratings in individual states:

    Bottom Line: Youll notice that I rarely discuss the Presidents average approval rating (since the 2012 election cycle). While Im glad to see that a majority of Americans view the Presidents performance as being poor, there is nothing constructive in my view with endlessly piling on about the Presidents poor approval ratings. So if I do discuss Presidential approval ratings its because Ive picked up on data thats instructive. Such is the case today.

    President Obamas average approval rating nationally stands at 42% right now. Thats in-line with most of what weve seen over the past year which has seen his approval rating range from 40-45% (in an average of all polls). So if I were to tell you that in a particular state the President has an approval rating of 45%, that would seem completely normal, unlesshellip;

    The state Im referring too is one in which the President won in both election cycles. Its one in which he won with greater than 60% of the vote in both election cycles. Its one of the most widely viewed barometers of left leaning policy. Its one of the largest states in the country. I believe that without any of those hints I could give the average astute political observers 45 guesses before thatd identify California as the state that currently sports a 45% approval rating of the President.

    One year ago today the Presidents approval rating in Cali was 62%. A 17% decline in one of the biggest Democratic strong-holds in the country breaks a couple of myths. The ideas that certain people or parts of the country wont change their political perspective and for all intents and purposes should be written off as unwinnable for the typical opposition party candidateshellip; Especially notable in the Cali approval rating is the decline in the most liberal cities in California. The President has seen a decline of 11% in Las Angeles and 7% in San Francisco year over year. It doesnt mean that suddenly Californians have suddenly turned into conservatives but it does demonstrate that many people previously written off by many conservatives are hungry for better leadership and policy. This is a learning opportunity.

    Audio Report:

    What most need to learn from the celebrity nude hack story:

    Bottom Line: The real lesson from the whole big celeb iCloud hack story for everyone is how much info we are actually storing online often without realizing it. If you have a mobile device and cloud storage theres a good chance youre putting all of your mobile information online without ever realizing it. Virtually every mobile company has cloud storage that they offer as added value (Apple iCloud, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc). Theyll enable a certain amount of storage for free with an active mobile device. If you had your mobile device setup by your service provider there is a good chance that your device is automatically backing itself up on the cloud. That means every picture as well. This is what to the celebs. They didnt likely realize that once they took pictures on their phone, that they were actually being stored online. There can be benefit to the backing up of your phone (if your phone were lost or damaged for example) but clearly it can present issues as well. You do have the option to turn off the auto cloud features in the settings on your mobile devices.

    Audio Report:

    YouTube just turned into a legit business for the talented few who have a real following:

    Bottom Line: For enterprising individuals YouTube has been the largest video platform available to attempt to use as a marketing tool. That means that hopefully you can gain a bit of a following with your video postings and some of them may be steered to visiting your website and perhaps doing business with you at some point. It hasnt been a business opportunity unto itself (expect for its parent Google) until now.

    Google has now enabled a new YouTube feature called Fan Funding. Think of it as a way to tip videos that you think are worth tipping. For those few who do a great job capturing the imagination of a following of viewers to their videos they may now be able to turn YouTube into a legitimate business. Its basically crowd-funding for YouTube videos. Now the catch as of now is that Google has only enabled Google Wallet as a method to Fan Fund videos but it is believed that in short order theyll accept more payment methods.

    Audio Report:

    The tangled web we weed… The curious case of Colorados Marijuana tax shortfall (and important takeaways for other states):

    Bottom Line: If youre an observer of the new you likely have continued to see that the tourism numbers this year in Colorado are up (about 7% as of the last report Ive seen). The reason most commonly cited is of course marijuana. Now travel is up around the country at about a 3-4% rate this year so about half of the increase may just be a general economic improvement in travel but still its clear that many have taken to Colorado to sample the goods. But heres the thing. Colorado has collected $21.5 fewer tax dollars thus far in 2014 than anticipated. So given that they do seem to be attracting a sizeable amount of traffic to the state for marijuana consumption what gives?

    The Marijuana Policy Group investigated an discovered a potentially huge issue for the statehellip; It happens to be something I highlighted at the beginning of the yearhellip; The black market is still a huge factor.

    The state tax on the legal marijuana is 27%. That has made the black market a far cheaper alternative for marijuana vs. the licensed stores selling it. The research discovered that 40% of all marijuana purchased in Colorado is still being taking place in the black market. Worse stillhellip; the trend is that increasingly more are seeking it out on the black market. Aside from being able to obtain a cheaper price for the product on the black market people are avoiding the often long lines at many businesses that cater to the tourists. More still the biggest risk associated with buying black market drugs has been removed. Once you have the product you know that law enforcement wont come after you, so in essence the only real legal risk remain with the seller of the product rather than the end user. So now the question will be what Colorados next move is now that they see it isnt working out quite as planned.

    Audio Report:

    Sep 13 2014

    Parke County Active Adult Health & Fitness Fair

    Posted: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 1:00 am

    Parke County Active Adult Health Fitness Fair

    Sep 13 2014

    Parents Arrested After Leaving Girl, 3, in Hot Car While They Went to Mall …

    A Fullerton couple was handcuffed in the Brea Mall parking lot after their daughter was found alone inside their hot car. (Credit: First In)

    Sep 12 2014

    5 Health & Fitness Trends Found At The 2014 IDEA World Conference

    A few years ago Zumba was on the rise, today CrossFit is all the rage. So what is the next big fitness trend to sweep the nation?

    Lucky for you I recently attended the IDEA World fitness conference in California where all of the big name brands showcased their products.

    And while I considered some fitness flops, others caught my attention as possible fads that could go the distance. Or in this case, give you a functional and challenging workout without too many bells and whistles.

    Image viaPB Fingers

    And you didnt even need to travel to Anaheim … >>

    Sep 12 2014

    Health & Fitness Calendar for Sept. 3 to Sept. 9


    Brazos County Health Department Immunization Clinic, 8:30 to 11:30 am Mondays; 9 am to 10:30 am and 2 to 5:30 pm Tuesdays; 8:30 to 11:30 am Wednesday; 10 am to noon on Fridays. 201 N. Texas Ave., Bryan. All ages. Immunizations are $5 for children and $25 for adults. Immunizations are only available to those without private insurance and for children with CHIP or Medicaid. 361-4440.